Easy Online banking for Australian pokies

If you are an Australian online pokies player then you know about some of the problems that gamers face when trying to make a deposit into a casinos bank account. Gamers are always looking for secure, convenient and quick online payment methods. Making deposits into an online casino’s bank account can be time consuming and difficult. Often you will have to open a bank account in order to make a deposit. The bank transactions take forever to be processed and you have to pay bank charges to transfer money between accounts. For this reason, many Australian online pokies players use debit or credit cards and although this is slightly better, they too have their problems. When you want to use a debit or credit card, you have to supply the online casino with a scanned copy of the card you intend to use along with proof of identity. Many people don’t like giving their personal details out online, so a solution was needed.

The Australian online pokies payment solution

There are many difficulties with many online payment solutions but luckily for Australian online pokies players there is a solution and that solution is POLi. This is an online payment system allowing the Australian online pokies players to make secure online payments through their internet banking service. This payment system is supported by all leading Australian banks and allows you to make seamless payments by connecting straight to your bank account without any registration process. POLi is the simple, easy and fast solution that all Australian online pokies players have been looking for.

Safety and security

When you use POLi you can rest assured that your money is always secure. Banks always make sure that your money is safe and secure when making online transactions. When you use your online banking through another company offering a service, they have to match or better the security that the bank offers. None of your personal information such as passwords or usernames will ever be stored because nobody will ever be able to see your internet banking credentials and therefore will not have access to them.

How it works

It is not only convenient to use with your computer but for use with any other device too. You can use your smartphone or tablet and pay for your online pokies straight through your bank account. All you have to do is select POLi from the list of payment options at the Australian online pokies casino and from there simply log into your preferred bank account and make a payment. This really is a great alternative for those who don’t have credit cards and for people who don’t feel comfortable giving their personal information out online.

To conclude

POLi is really a great online payment solution for all those Australian online pokies players that have been looking for a secure, easy and fast way of depositing money to an online casino in Australia. Now you never have to wait for transactions to be processed ever again. If you want the best Australian online payment method, then use POLi today.