A safe e-wallet online deposit option from Neteller

This is without a doubt the most recognised and widely used e-money and e-wallet service in the world. It offers services to more than 180 nation’s worldwide, allowing people from all over the world to transfer money from online casinos to their own bank account. It does most of its business through online casinos and for this reason it has become synonymous with online gaming and gamers. It started to process online gaming deposits in withdrawals in 2000 and by 2005 it was processing 80% of the world’s online gaming payments. Today it is still a giant in the online gaming world and still the most trusted e-wallet among Australian online pokies players. This is really the best payment solution there is for online pokies. It not only offers 17 currencies, but you can upload money from your credit card or bank account.

How it all works

Before you use this e-wallet to make a deposit to an Australian online pokies casino, there are a few easy steps that you will need to follow. Firstly you will need to go and open an account. Opening an account doesn’t cost you anything; it is completely free, with no strings attached. Once you have set up your account, you will then have to fund the account through one of the many options which will link your Neteller account to your bank account. Once you have transferred funds from your bank account or credit card to your account, you will then have digital cash in your e-wallet which you can deposit into the bank account of an Australian online pokies casino. In order to do this you can simply go to your favourite Australian online pokies site and go to the cashier. Neteller will be listed as one of the deposit options, all you need to do is enter your account information and the amount you want to deposit into the Australian online pokies casino’s account. You then simply click on the ‘submit’ button and once your deposit is approved your account will be credited with real money.

Withdrawing funds from an Australian online pokies casino

Australian pokies players will often tell you that it is easier to deposit money into a casino’s account than to withdraw it. This is no longer the case, now you can simply click on Neteller from a list of withdrawal options in the Australian online pokies casino’s cashier and enter your information and the amount of money you want to withdraw. Withdrawing from an online pokies casino is never as quick as the depositing process for the simple reason that the Australian online pokies casino has to approve and process the transaction. You can expect the payment to be made within a couple of days and although this may seem like a long time, it is only for security reasons and is protecting both you and the online pokies casino.

Safety and security

Because you are never required to give your personal banking information to anyone in order to make a transaction, Neteller appeals to many people.

In conclusion

For all of you Australian online pokies players who have been looking for the solution to your online pokies payment problems. Go and sign up with Neteller today! You won’t be disappointed!